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Building Access Control

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In an ever security conscience world, controlling access to authorized only areas is more and more important.  Yet you don’t want spend your time running back and forth letting people in and out of your facility, as your time (and that of your employees) is valuable. Access control systems can reduce the number of interruptions in your business making you more efficient, while giving the piece of mind that only authorized personnel are gaining entry.

Access control is available on a variety of levels ranging from card and proximity readers to biometric finger scanners and software that can lock your entire facility down in an emergency.

If appropriately designed and maintained, your access control system can provide detailed reports of who entered/exited your facilities, when they did so.  You will be able to block access to ex-employees, and allow access to your uniform supplier only at the hours he is expected to deliver.

What ever your level of security needs, we have an access control system.

A Coordinated Planned Approach

Coordinated properly, access control, in conjunction with CCTV, can play a key role in managing employees and materials.  Instead of having to maintain a constant supervised presence, camera surveilence and access control can provide additional monitoring without additional manpower.  Monitors displaying real-time images can allow managers multi-task while maintaining contact with employees.  Access control can provide time of entry and exit information, greatly reducing time spend searching recorded CCTV video for suspicious events.

Updated:  20111221 

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